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We are suitable partners for dynamically growing companies but also for the established ones

Whether it is banks, insurance companies or technology companies, our clients have one thing in common. They are looking for experts who understand technology and are able to implement their tailor-made requirements. As required by the new legislation in this area.

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Services we offer

Data protection monitoring

Leave the monitoring of data protection developments to us. Save up to 60 hours a month by studying news and choose only the essentials for you. Every month overview in .pdf and webinar.


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    NKÚ: Štát nedodržiava predpisy na ochranu osobných údajov

    NKÚ zverejnil záverečnú správu s názvom „Systém ochrany a bezpečnosti osobných údajov vo verejnom sektore“.  V rámci kontrolnej akcie sa NKÚ zameral na to, ako vybraných 62 subjektov z verejného sektora dodržiava pravidlá na ochranu osobných údajov.

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    US CLOUD Act vs. GDPR

    The United States adopted the so-called CLOUD Act in March 2019 with the term “CLOUD” actually (and ironically) referring to “Clarifying Lawful Overseas Use of Data.” The CLOUD Act represents amendment to United States Code to improve law enforcement access to data stored across borders, and for other purposes reflecting the latest case-law development in the United States (Microsoft case).

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    Registre obsahujúce verejné dáta podľa GDPR

    Ako sa na registre, ktoré čerpajú dáta z verejných zdrojov a ponúkajú ich ďalej ako súčasť svojich služieb pozerá GDPR? Na čo si dať pozor pri výbere registra a za čo už registre dostali podľa GDPR pokutu vo výške 220 tisíc EUR?

  • Illegal use of cookies risks fines of up to 10 percent of turnover
  • Slovakia pays for the "hole" in the law. For the first time, unauthorized use of cookies is subject to fines
  • Free social networks? Wrong! We pay with our most sensitive data
  • The report on personal data protection for 2020 draws attention to shortcomings in the activities of the regulator and in the legislative process
  • For ad tracking a consent will be required as of next year
  • SSW, Dentons, B2RLaw, and Dagital Legal Advise on BoomBit's Sale of Shares in SuperScale

    CEE Legal Matters
Ivan Trančík

CEO & Founder, SuperScale

"Dagital Legal is a unique Slovak law firm with world-class know-how with privacy, GDPR and their implications on business."

I do not know of any other local law firm, that could be an equal partner with negotiations we had with Electronic Arts, Google or Lego or the biggest law firms like Fieldfisher, Dentons or B2R Law. We cooperate with Jakub almost 7 years now dating back to "Exponea" times. Jakub's biggest asset for me is that he can connect his privacy skills with his previous experiences with internationl M&A transactions. During the recent investment to SuperScale Jakub led the Slovak part of the transaction and significantly helped our Polish and British advisors in negotiations with Level-Up investment fund. I can recommend Dagital Legal to any tech firm with global ambitions that wants to have an order in legal matters. In fact, they offer much more than GDPR advisory. Dagital are our long-term legal partners and also thanks to them SuperScale is where it is today.