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Advocacy also includes management of clients' assets

More and more clients invest into historical vehicles and youg-timers. Since 2013 the blue-chip market of historical vehicles seen unprecedented growth, according to Hagerty index reaching 430%. Although this growth is long gone and meets with reality, historical vehicles are regarded as stable long term investments due to their relatively high prices. This shift has naturally resulted in growth of young-timer prices (80s and 90s). At the same time, sale frauds are beginning to appear including replicas and counterfeits. Valuation, purchase, transport, registration, renovation, maintenance, storage or attendance on foreign auction or concourse is always related to legal risks. We have gone though all steps of this process tens of times. We are a law firm which can advise on cars.


Money in the bank or in the garage? That only depends on whether you a the right piece in your garage.

Andrej Šoltýs

CEO & Founder, Caffe4u, s.r.o.

"Jakub helped me to select and negotiate contract terms for my dreamed Porsche 993. He supported from the start and helped with all matters. It is great to have a lawyer who knows cars. "

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