Audits and analyses

We have unique experience with in-depth data protection audits and with analytically difficult reports, analyses and outputs.

Results of our work are publicly available

We hope they read well and that they explain a difficult agenda simply and meaningfully also for non-lawyers.


We focus on:

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    In-depth audits

    A data protection audit is the most complex service we offer. The goal is to firstly capture the current state of affairs in data protection and then correlate that with new regulatory framework. We have a unique approach to data protection audits formed by our experiences with auditing the most important private but also public institutions. We call the resulting document from the audit the "GDPR Report". This document serves as a detailed implementation plan for all legal, organizational or technical measures and recommendations. Estimated time needed for conducting an audit is individual and depends on client's requests and budget.

    "We appreciate Dagital's approach to in-depth data protection audits. They managed to grasp a complex topic in detail, but then simplified it and made it into functioning and meaningful processes."

    Marek Mikulášek

    Broadcasting director, FUN radio

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    Privacy Policy

    Almost every company needs a privacy policy on its website. For us, the privacy policy is the most basic and priority obligation under GDPR, which every can seen. We regards the privacy policy as "legal firewall" of the company.

    "Piano Software uses expertise from Dagital for a variety of services - Privacy Policies, Client Data Privacy Agreements, Vendor Agreements etc. We rely heavily on their expertise to drive the successful approval of BCR’s as one of the first companies in Slovakia. "

    Stuart Ashford

    General Manager,

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    Codes of Conduct

    Many sectors are currently exploring codes of conducts as a suitable tool for interpreting the GDPR, and rightly so. However, code of conduct is a new instrument in our legal order that requires meeting rigorous material and procedural conditions, before it can can be approved. We have learned this in preparing already three major domestic codes of conducts in Slovakia, one of which is formally approved and two are finalized and pre-approved.

    "Dagital Legal law firm prepared the GDPR Code of Conduct for insurance sector and represented Slovak Insurance Association in approval proceedings before the Slovak Data Protection Office. Office has recently pre-approved and confirmed to us that our Code of Conduct is compliant with GDPR. The Code of Conduct will bring a better legal certainly and will standardize approach to GDPR in the insurance sector. "

    Mária Lehotská

    Slovak Insurance Association

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    Memorandums and analyses

    Technology does not wait for law to change, but rather law reacts to technological development. That creates many practical questions and issues. Typically, there is not enough case-law, guidance and methodologies. Even if these exist, they are often insufficient and outdated. Sometimes the only option of clients is to request an opinion or interpretation from their lawyers. When drafting memorandums and analyses we understand that the client is not interested in law, but in the answer. We therefore maximize our efforts to extract what our answers mean to the client in practice.

    "We repetitively asked Dagital Legal to answer questions to which legal theory and available opinions were very unclear and hesitant. We were pleasantly surprised how precisely they explained the problem, its solution and managing the related risks. They can explain complex topics with ease and without unnecessary legal ballast. Memorandums read well and the board appreciates concise and clear executive summary."

    DÔVERA zdravotná poisťovňa, a.s.

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