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We are the first legal boutique in Slovakia focused exclusively on the privacy policy and technology. Our long-term goal is to innovate legal services while staying true to our focus.

We have served hundreds of clients from start-ups to the established and regulated institutions. Most clients contact us because of our specialization in personal data protection. However, they find far more than they expected and maybe that's why they use our services for a long time. We offer in-depth knowledge, first-class experience and our own know-how.

Our first experiences with data protection law
Establishment of Dagital Legal
We have prepared the first three codes of conduct in Slovakia
Our team has grown to 7 members and we continue to grow

Who do we serve?

Our clients typically include either dynamically growing technology companies or established and regulated companies. These different clients were the first to understand that compliance with GDPR is a great opportunity to build a relationship with their customers. We are constantly moving in a technological or regulated environment, to which we also adapt our documentation, our approach and services. Thanks to this unique combination, we know the technologies better than ordinary lawyers and, on the other hand, we can help introduce new processes and rules to companies, where they did not exist before.

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    Jakub Berthoty

    Jakub is the author implementer of the idea of a privacy & technology boutique law firm. In past, he worked at the international law firm Kinstellar and studied in Bratislava and London.

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    Ondrej Zimen

    Ondrej focuses on undertaking in-depth data protection audits and overall compliance with GDPR. In past, he worked as the main state advisor of the Slovak Data Protection Authority at the department of legal services and foreign affairs and later and the head of inspection and analytical operations.

Senior Privacy Associates

  • radoslav.png

    Radoslav Varešinský

    Rado is an experienced attorney with focus on client compliance with GDPR and commercial aspects of legal advisory. Apart from that Rado has previous experiences with corporate and transactional advisory.

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    Daniela Čičkánová

    As an attorney at law, Daniela has always focused on the topics close to new technologies. Apart from legal support of clients she manages the Data Protection Monitoring service.

Other team members

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    Andrea Budai

    Andrea has worked with us during her studies at the Faculty of Law, Commenius University. She is our most experienced trainee regularly asssisting key clients.

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    Anna Pospíšilová

    As a fresh absolvent of the Faculty of Law, Commenius University and trainee, Anna supports our senior team and gathers experience with data protection.

  • Natalia_web.jpg

    Natália Ďurčeková

    Natália has previous experiences from techonology focused law firm and advisory she provided at the Slovak Business Agency.

  • Dagital 01 02.jpg

    Nikola Korytková

    Niky has joined our team in 2022 as a trainee with experiences mainly with business law and commercial advisory.

  • photo2@4x.jpg

    Rebeka Berthoty

    As a part-time paralegal Rebeka collects experiences with law during her studies at Faculty of Law, Commenius University.

Latest posts from our team

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    The first Slovak cookies guidelines updated

    In our June's blog we published 10 reasons why, in our opinion, it was necessary to amend the historically first Slovak guidelines on cookies. Also as a result of this criticism (adopted by the media), the Regulatory Authority for Electronic Communications and Postal Services (the "Regulatory Authority") cooperated with the Slovak Data Protection Authority (the "DPA") and published updated guidelines.

  • pexels-panumas-nikhomkhai-1148820.jpg
    Prvé slovenské usmernenie ku cookies (a 10 dôvodov prečo ho treba zmeniť)

    Úrad pre reguláciu elektronických komunikácií a poštových služieb (ďalej len „Úrad pre reguláciu“) vydal 4. mája 2022 tlačovú správu ku cookies, v rámci ktorej zverejnil aj stanovisko odboru štátneho dohľadu k problematike získavania súhlasu s cookies, už podľa nového zákona o elektronických komunikáciách. Vzniklo tak historicky prvé slovenské usmernenie ku cookies, ktoré však narazilo na GDPR ako kosa na kameň.

  • kniha dagital.png
    Ako sa brániť proti tele-marketingu bez súhlasu?

    Od 1. februára 2022 platí nový zákon o elektronických komunikáciách, kvôli ktorému budú priame marketingové hovory oveľa častejšiu súčasťou nášho života minimálne do 1. novembra 2022. V našom predchádzajúcom blogu sme poukázali na to, že tieto nové pravidlá (§ 116) nie sú podľa nás v súlade s GDPR ani Ústavou SR. V tomto blogu sa pokúsime poskytnúť základné informácie o tom, ako sa môžu dotknuté osoby brániť.