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We are the first legal boutique in Slovakia focused exclusively on the privacy policy and technology. Our long-term goal is to innovate legal services while staying true to our focus.

We have served hundreds of clients from start-ups to the established and regulated institutions. Most clients contact us because of our specialization in personal data protection. However, they find far more than they expected and maybe that's why they use our services for a long time. We offer in-depth knowledge, first-class experience and our own know-how.

Our first experience with privacy policy
Establishment of Dagital Legal
We have prepared the first three codes of conduct in Slovakia
Our team has grown to 7 members and we continue to grow

Who do we serve?

Our clients typically include either dynamically growing technology companies or established and regulated companies. These different clients were the first to understand that compliance with GDPR is a great opportunity to build a relationship with their customers. We are constantly moving in a technological or regulated environment, to which we also adapt our documentation, our approach and services. Thanks to this unique combination, we know the technologies better than ordinary lawyers and, on the other hand, we can help introduce new processes and rules to companies, where they did not exist before.

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    Jakub Berthoty

    Jakub is the author implementer of the idea of a privacy & technology boutique law firm. In past, he worked at the international law firm Kinstellar and studied in Bratislava and London.

  • ondrej.png

    Ondrej Zimen

    Ondrej focuses on undertaking in-depth data protection audits and overall compliance with GDPR. In past, he worked as the main state advisor of the Slovak Data Protection Authority at the department of legal services and foreign affairs and later and the head of inspection and analytical operations.

Senior Privacy Associates

  • radoslav.png

    Radoslav Varešinský

    Rado is an experience attorney-at-law with focus on client compliance with GDPR.

  • barbora.png

    Barbora Kubíková

    Barbora previously worked as GDPR compliance manager in the bank sector and advised foreign start-ups when entering European markets.

  • avatar_woman.jpg

    Daniela Čičkánová

    As an attorney at law, Daniela has always focused on the topics close to new technologies.

Other team members

  • zuzana.png

    Zuzana Berthoty

    Zuzka covers all marketing activities, campaigns, social medias and communication with our online audience.

Latest posts from our team

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    Controller's liability for hacker's attack according to the Court of Justice of the EU (part I.)

    Each of us can become victim to a hacker attack. However, the fulfillment of remediation, notification and documentation obligations under the GDPR doesn´t mean the end of the case itself. What usually follows is the establishment of liability. Although during this process, the courts will work with classic legal instruments, their application may get complicated by a still relatively new legal regulation for the courts - GDPR. In a series of blogs, we will follow Case C-340/21 before the CJEU, which may develop this area further.

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    NKÚ: Štát nedodržiava predpisy na ochranu osobných údajov

    NKÚ zverejnil záverečnú správu s názvom „Systém ochrany a bezpečnosti osobných údajov vo verejnom sektore“.  V rámci kontrolnej akcie sa NKÚ zameral na to, ako vybraných 62 subjektov z verejného sektora dodržiava pravidlá na ochranu osobných údajov.

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    US CLOUD Act vs. GDPR

    The United States adopted the so-called CLOUD Act in March 2019 with the term “CLOUD” actually (and ironically) referring to “Clarifying Lawful Overseas Use of Data.” The CLOUD Act represents amendment to United States Code to improve law enforcement access to data stored across borders, and for other purposes reflecting the latest case-law development in the United States (Microsoft case).