There might be various reasons why to improve knowledge in data protection. We make tailor-made courses and seminars to fit every client's needs, so that the client is on top of any legal developments and changes in data protection.

Courses and workshops

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    We tend to organize specific webinars for selected topics. For example about cross-border transfers to US after abolishing the EU-US Privacy Shield. Please follow our news, blogs and our LinkedIn profile to not miss any webinar. We happily prepare any course or webinar specifically for you.

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    Regulation of cookies

    How are cookies and similar technologies regulated in Slovakia and abroad? How does this regulation relate to social media, targeted campaigns, analytical tools as Google Analytics or using various scripts, tracking tools and SDK? What to expect from the upcoming new ePrivacy regulation? This course is suitable for legal, IT and marketing departments.

    • 2 hours
    • Medium level
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    GDPR vs. bank secrecy

    The course is focused on the banking sector, but content-wise relevant for the whole financial sector (Slovak law). The aim is to compare differing as well similar staring points of the GDPR and Slovak Act on Banks, current regulation as well to explain the relationship between the GDPR and Slovak Act on Banks. The course is concluded with aim to transfer these ideas into practice.

    • 4 hours
    • Expert level
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    GDPR documentation from Dagital Legal

    The aim of this course is to get total overview about template GDPR documentation and automated tools developed and used by us. Relevant to clients who consider buying so-called GDPR modules or sets of documentations who would like to see the quality, content and everyday work with such documentation upfront.

    • 3 hours
    • Expert level
  • G

    GDPR from CEO's perspective

    Top management typically associates GDPR with obstacles, bureaucracy and fines. Of course, there are bad examples of investing in GDPR, but there are also good, success stories. When is it worth investing in GDPR? How to get these investments back? This is a purely non-legal, management training conducted in the form of a dialogue to identify the right reasons for investing in GDPR compliance.

    • 1 hour
    • Decision maker level
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    GDPR in our company

    Training on specific documentation and processes in a particular company. We typically perform this type of training after performing an audit and delivering our GDPR documentation. The aim of the training is to acquaint key employees with new documentation and processes. The training is adapted to the requirements of each client and especially to the findings of the audit.

    • 3-4 hours
    • Medium level
  • I

    Introduction to data protection

    Introductory training of employees on data protection issues. Suitable for any position and any sector of the client. The content and program is interactive, practical and suitable for non-lawyers. The final test is also part of the training.

    • 2 hours
    • Entry level
  • Education

    Data protection monitoring

    Leave monitoring of developments and changes in data protection to us. You can save up to 60 hours of research per month and select only news that are relevant to you. Every month you get a .pdf summary and a webinar.


    Satisfied clients

    • "Cooperating with Dagital Legal, I mostly appreciate their ability to organize the data protection agenda into meaningful blocks. "

      Their documentation and past advice passed legal due diligence of the investor without any issues. Quality on the highest level and absolute knowledge of the topic. I especially recommend the "Data Protection Monitoring" service, it is a perfect tool for keeping in touch with the evolving data protection area.

    • "I am glad that we turned to Dagital Legal in GDPR matters. "

      Piano Software uses expertise from Dagital for a variety of services - Privacy Policy, Client Data Privacy Agreements, Vendor Agreements etc. We rely heavily on their expertise to drive the successful approval of BCR’s as one of the first companies in Slovakia.

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      Richard Lacko

      IT Manager, Sygic

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      Stuart Ashford

      General Manager,


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