Data Protection Monitoring

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What is Data Protection Monitoring and to whom is it intended?

Data Protection Monitoring is a service that allows you to effectively and easily monitor changes and developments in data protection and security on a monthly basis. Clients do not have time for this, but we do. We spent tens of hours each month to track down, read and study these changes. Every month we process these news and summarize them in a clear output in .pdf format. The output is designed in such a way that its reading is as much efficient as possible. Clients are then able to filter out those developments that are the most relevant to them and can quickly get to the source of information. You can order a subsequent hour-long webinar to each monthly monitoring where we select and process the most important changes in much more detail.


The service is meant for
  • DPOs
  • in-house lawers
  • compliance, security and risk departments
  • DPOs
  • in-house lawers
  • compliance, security and risk departments

We offer the service in two formats

Monthly monitoring in .pdf

See what the output of our monitoring looks like. We typically cover more than 30 news every month divided into repeating topics. Each point contains a brief summary and a link to the source. Clients also appreciate the editorial from our founder at the beginning and practical advice at the end of each monitoring.

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      Each month we organize an hour-long webinar, that follows up on the monitoring for the previous month. You can join discussion not only with us, but also with other professionals on positions similar to yours.


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